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Classes resume in May 2022

Accessible Yoga

A yoga class designed to fit your body in all its unique glory. This practice is designed for anyone who wants to ease back into movement, people recovering from injury, living with chronic pain, illness and/or disability. This is a class suitable for any ability level.

The pace of the class will be slow and accommodating, as I guide you through your practice. There will be a focus on mobility, postural ease and the breath. We will use props (such as chairs, blocks, cushions) to support your body and satisfy your needs so that your breath can flow and you can participate in the movements with ease. 

Caregivers are welcome to participate.

Who is Accessible Yoga for?

Anyone and everyone! That's the beauty of accessible yoga. This class is designed for everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga. It is ideal for anyone who struggle to get up and down from the floor e.g. due to knee or hip injuries, arthritis, etc, . Anyone looking to return to yoga after a prolonged break, people who have always wanted to try yoga but aren't sure where to start, or as part of a recovery plan, but it is also enjoyable for yoga students of any level looking for a gentle, stress-relieving class


What is the class like?

A slow flow class, incorporating movement, breath and meditation, with variations and modifications to suit. Most or all of the class can be done from seated. You will utilise the chair as a seat or support to make poses accessible, and to find new ways to stretch or strengthen the body. All postures, including ones traditionally done seated or standing, can be adapted even if you cannot stand or cannot come down to the floor. The focus will be on combining the breath with movement. We will start with a warm-up, move on to a bit of a flow and finish with a rest pose. Classes can also include breathwork and meditation.

Please arrive on time, we will use the first 5 minutes to sanitise, sign in, get settled etc before we start. The last 5 minutes of the slot will be for cleaning/sanitising in line with covid guidance. 

Pricing structure for Accessible Yoga Classes


To allow my classes to be accessible to those with differing financial statuses, I offer equity tiered pricing. This means that those who may not otherwise be able to join are able to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

  • Community rate - for those who need financial help - £3 per class

  • Sustain rate - base cost for the class - £5 per class

  • Flourish rate - for those who can afford to pay a bit more, you'll enable members of the community experiencing financial difficulties to join at the lower rate - £7 per class

Please choose the rate most appropriate for you when booking. I would ask that you take a moment to consider my intention when setting a sliding scale. I have done so in order to amplify access to those experiencing significant financial hardship, as well as those with marginalised identities. Please support those with decreased access to financial resources and support by choosing to pay what is accessible to you.

If you are struggling and would like to join the class, I have some availability for funded places so please contact me and we can have a chat. I also have some free classes run in conjunction with Cardiff Wellbeing Support Services.


Accessible yoga 

When: Tuesdays 10:00am-11:00am

Where: St Mary's Church Hall, Church Rd, Cardiff CF14 2AD - it is the building opposite the Church, next to the mural of Gareth Bale

Sliding scale pricing for accessible classes:

£3 community rate / £5 sustain rate / £7 flourish rate